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GSI extentions for CVS

As part of the Globus project, a GSI enabled version of the popular Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) tool has been developed. The RPMs found here are basedon all the nice stuff written by the group at http://www.globus.org/gridcvs/, but a few changes have been made to get it operational at NIKHEF and on the EDG test bed. These propblems were encountered:
  • you have un #undef HAVE_KERBEROS manually in config.h after running "configure"
  • at the server end you have to increase the size of the GSS token buffer to more than the default 4000 bytes, otherwise you get strange errors with larger certs
  • I got rid of the "cvs/FQDN" in favour of just plain "FQDN" in the service cert (compatible with EDG conventions nowadays)
I repackaged the system including above patches as RPMs, compatible with the Globus-2.0-beta1-EDG-beta21 release as found on the EDG testbed releases 1.1.4 and 1.2. You can find these RPMS (and source RPMs) for RedHat 6.2 at http://www.dutchgrid.nl/install/gcvs/. These RPMs also install correctly on RedHat 7.2 (once you have installed the EDG Globus beta.

[davidg@fs2]$ grid-proxy-init
[davidg@fs2]$ /usr/local/gcvs-1.11.1p1/bin/cvs -d ':gserver:cvs.vl-e.nl/global/ices/vlab/cvs' co vlam

At the moment this package seems incompatible with EDG release 23. Working on it....

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