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NIKHEF Local Guide for Administrators

These documents detail installation procedures, modification to the setup and some additional system information specific to the setup at NIKHEF. Things may be completely different at your local site, so beware (especially users!).

All of the NIKHEF Grid service systems are contained in the NDPF (NIKHEF Data Processing Facility). These services include all the batch systems and storage elements. User interface clients, however, can be installed anywhere. There is a distribution based on apt (for RH73 only), and there is a menu-driven installer available as part of the VL-E Proof-of-Concept programme. Please look at the PoC Installer for details and a Readme. The PoC Installer works on many different RedHat Linux version (including RHEL3 and CentOS3).


Job scheduling and prioritization on the NDPF is accomplished with Torque and Maui. Using MAUI policies, fair-share quotas and processor caps are enforced. The following stuff is available for Torque and Maui: Note: for Torque 1.0.1p6 you MUST also have at least Maui 3.2.6p8, otherwise the node resource characteristics are reported incorrectly (and nodes stay idle for non-reasons).

The current LCG software can put severe load on a pbs server due to the times it calls qstat (we have seen as many as 25 qstat calls per second). This load can eventually bring the entire system to an halt. In order to reduce the impact of this problem (a full solution requires rewriting part of the grid job manager), we wrote a set of utilities that wrap the original pbs commands and provide caching:

Misc stuff

Some key systems (homedirectory server, LDAP services) have additional firewalls to protect them using IPtables. You can generate an appropriate /etc/sysconfig/iptables file using this generator: NCF nodes, mostly in the leftmost rack (node16-17 to node16-41), have mismatches between what is written in the label (front and back) and the real installed node. This table has the mapping.
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