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The EU DataGrid Tutorial

Have you ever wondered what "The Grid" was all about? Intrigued by the possiblities that world-wide distributed computing would bring for your application? And how it might help you get your results faster? Soon you will have a chance to see for yourself -- in a hands-on tutorial to be held at NIKHEF on December 12 and 13. In two information-packed days you will learn what a Grid is, how you can run your data-intensive jobs all over Europe and get the results delivered at your virtual doorstep. You will see:
  • Running your applications on the Grid
  • Data Management and the use of mass storage
  • Information Services
  • Monitoring and (optical) networks
  • Security on a world-wide scale
The tutorial is a two-day event, with lectures during the morning and hands-on sessions in the afternoon. The hands-on session provide a unique opportunity to experience for yourself what the Grid can do, and whether your favourite application is ready for the Grid. After this tutorial, you will know how to use the Grid efficiently and effectively. The DataGrid tutorials are aimed at users wishing to get a practical introduction to grids and "gridify" their applications using DataGrid software. The next DataGrid tutorial in the Netherlands takes place

Thursday and Friday 12 and 13 December 2002
9:00 till 18:00
Amsterdam, NIKHEF room H2.38

--- Registration is now closed ---

For practical information, please see the "Practical" tab in the menu and print the info sheet.

"DataGrid" is a project funded by European Union. The objective is to enable next generation scientific exploration which requires intensive computation and analysis of shared large-scale databases, from hundreds of TeraBytes to PetaBytes, across widely distributed scientific communities.

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