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Grid Tutorial

A grid infrastructure has been set up by NIKHEF, SARA and the ASCII graduate school that will be used on a European scale by the LHC Computing Grid (LCG) and Enabling Grids for E-science in Europe (EGEE) projects and by national grid initiatives, like the Virtual Laboratory for e-Science project (VL-E) and the NL Grid project. We offer interested potential users of this infrastructure the possibility to learn about Grids in general and on how to use it in practice in a hands-on tutorial organised by NIKHEF and SARA.

The tutorial will be held at NIKHEF on June 3+4 2004.

The tutorial is free of charge for participants from registered projects. The number of participants is limited. It is expected that the participants have good working knowledge of the UNIX or LINUX operating system. No specific "grid" background is needed for this tutorial.

Due to an overwhelming interest in the tutorial we have reached the limit of the number of participants able to join the hands-on exercise sessions in the afternoon. However, it is still possible to register for the presentations in the morning only.

For practical information, please see the "Practical" tab in the menu and print the info sheet.

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