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LCMAPS uses the globus security libraries (gss, gsi, openssl), which are provided by e.g. VDT (Virtual Data Toolkit) and the VOMS API. These libraries in addition to the libraries listed here , have to be installed on the CE.

Table 1: RPMs to be installed.
RPM min. version description URL
edg-lcmaps 0.0.16 the LCMAPS library ( = pluginframework + utilities) and an example LCMAPS plugin
edg-lcmaps-basic_plugins 0.0.16 the LCMAPS plugins providing the basic globus-gatekeeper functionality
edg-lcmaps-voms_plugins 0.0.16 the LCMAPS plugins that base the credential mapping on the VO information inside the user certificate
edg-lcmaps-afs_plugins 0.0.19 the LCMAPS plugin that acquires an AFS token for the user (uses gssklog)
edg-lcmaps-interface 0.0.1 LCMAPS interface/API, only needed for software development (new plugins)
edg-lcfg-lcmaps 1.0 the LCFG object that configures the LCMAPS configuration files
voms-api 1.1.16 the VOMS API, used by edg-lcmaps-voms_plugins
edg_gatekeeper-gcc32dbg_pgm 2.2.8 the modified globus gatekeeper
globus-config 0.20-1 globus configuration scripts, including the init.d gatekeeper script
edg-lcfg-globuscfg 1.3.12 the LCFG component to manage the Globus configuration
vdt_globus_essentials VDTALT1.1.8 VDT globus rpm that contains a.o. the security libraries

The LCMAPS library will be installed in /opt/edg/lib/lcmaps/ and the example configuration files in /opt/edg/etc/lcmaps/. The LCMAPS plugins are all installed in the modules subdirectory of the directory where LCMAPS is installed.

From CVS:
The LCMAPS library and plugins can also be built directly from the cvs repository by the following steps:

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Martijn Steenbakkers, Thursday Mar 04 2004