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SecureGrid, a Road Towards Industrial Grade Security for Grids

The Project

SecureGRID will perform in depth study of the main issues arising in the area of Grid Security Architectures for large multi-user Virtual Organisations and in inter-Grid security and interoperability.

Most of the partners in this consortium have already deployed initial Grid systems on international networks, they now plan to move to safe and secure production use in the immediate future. For this a higher level of security than what provided by standard Grid tools is necessary. Driven by requirements from scientific, industrial and governmental partners, the project will develop specific deployment models, architectures, policies, tools and prototype solutions that will support large Virtual Organizations and multi-user operations across organisations in a secure environment.

The development of Grid security is a key to Grid technology take up within an industrial, financial and governmental context. Within these environments, strong security tools will enable safe and reliable operations and as such will provide the basis for the extension of current Grid deployments from research to industry and to the public sector. The collaboration of industry, government and scientific partners in the same project will allow a better understanding of the potential deployment capabilities of Grid technology as well as allowing the existing Grid community to extend and consolidate current being deployed solutions.

The Proposal

Project/proposal partners and members of the mailing can go here to get the proposal details. The final version was submitted to the European Commission on Thu Feb 21 15:08:47 CET 2002.

In the week of April 1st is has become clear that the proposal did not make it. The short report is available for collaborators here.

Administrative details

SecureGRID is a proposal for the EU shared-cost RTD action for the Cross Programme Themes. The thematic priority is CPA 9 - Grid technology and its applications.

Project Acronym SecureGRID
Project full title SecureGRID: a Road Towards Industrial Grade Security for Grids
Proposal number IST-2001-37137
Call identifier IST-02-8-1A

How do we proceed?

For the time being, the upload facility has been closed. Of course all the existing content is still available. You can find that here. The mailing list (proposal_at_securegrid.org) will continue to work. You can also download the (provisional) logo.

This web site will continue to provide the latest updates on proposal status and news in general. You are welcome to send suggestions for the web site to David Groep.

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