DutchGrid: Large-scale Distributed Computing in the Netherlands
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As the grid computing efforts consolidated over the past years, the DutchGrid Platform itself now limits its activities to providing the one core service which needs to be project-neutral and provide national coverage: the provisioning of authentication and identity assertions (certificates) to the Dutch grid computing community. We recommend you visit the web sites of the projects and associations in the Netherlands that support grid computing for more information, and will be glad to address your needs for grid identity certificates for academic and research purposes.

The site still hosts much of the original information that has helped the Netherlands to become a key centre for grid computing in the world. The existing links are not broken, but the information is likely out of date. Also, all scripted and interactive content has by now been disabled.

DutchGrid is the open platform for academic and research grid computing in the Netherlands

Established in 2000, its contributors have now been active in this area for many years. This success of grid computing has resulted in many projects and initiatives, that now form a comprehensive mesh of integrated efforts and initatives spanning a wide range of scientific collaborations. The major initiatives and projects today are listed below - the DutchGrid platform itself now focusses on grid identity certificates only.

DutchGrid CA
The DutchGrid CA provides globally recognised identity certificates to grid users in the Netherlands. Being fully project-neutral, any not-for-profit researcher and academic user can obtain personal and server or host certificates for use with grid applications. The process involves a personal meeting with a local registration authority, of which there are over 60 spread throughout the country.
[Registered with TACAR] [EUgridPMA Accredited CA] The DutchGrid CA is a member of the EUGridPMA and International Grid Trust Federation, and registered with TACAR.

Links to more grid projects can be found in the directory of projects maintained by EnterTheGrid.com. Of course many European and global projects in academia and research cover the expanding area of grid and e-Science.
This web site is supported by NIKHEF, the Dutch national institute for sub-atomic physics, and BiG Grid, the Dutch e-Science Grid. Comments to David Groep.