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Dutch WP4 Contribution

The Dutch contribution to WP4 focusses on gridification, defining the access point to (large) compute fabrics for the Grid. As worded in the WP4 Architecture Document:
``The Gridification subsystem (GS) interfaces the local fabric to other grid middleware components. It provides on one hand, the mechanisms for grid-wide services (eg. job control and submission, resource reservations) to access the local fabric services, and on the other, the means to publish fabric configuration and status information to the Grid. At least logically, all interaction from the `outside' grid with a computer centre is mediated by services provided by components belonging to this subsystem.''
Full Document (PDF)

Of coarse, the vairous Dutch testbed sites contribute to the TestBed for WP4, currently using the Interim Solutions provided for PM9. For an account, see the installation log (not yet available).

External WP4 information

The main source for all your WP4 needs is at CERN, the DataGrid Fabric Management Home by Olof Barring. See also the various mailing lists, referenced form here.
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