DutchGrid - Large-scale Distributed Computing in The Netherlands

DutchGrid Spotlight

Projects and Initiatives

The platform for grid and large-scale distributed computing amongst multiple independent organizations. The platform organizes periodic events (DutchGrid Days) to foster collaboration amongst researchers and end-users in the Netherlands.

DutchGrid Certification Authorities
The DutchGrid CA provides authentication services to the DutchGrid community. Go here to apply for X.509 certificates for "Globus" and grid use. The DutchGrid CA serves the Dutch Grid research community only.

DutchGrid Events
Many Grid-related events are organised by GridForum Nederland, the Virtual Laboratory for e-Science and the DutchGrid Platform. Tutorials, admin events, etc. are open for Grid enthousiasts in the Netherlands.

The EU DataGrid project
DataGrid is a project funded by European Union. The objective is to enable next generation scientific exploration which requires intensive computation and analysis of shared large-scale data sets, from hundreds of TeraBytes to PetaBytes, across widely distributed scientific communities.
Local workgroups of the DataGrid project maintain their information repository here.

The DataTAG project is there to create a large-scale intercontinental testbed for data-intensive Grids. Focus is on networking and interoperability. The University of Amsterdam IvI AIR group participates.

The vision of the EGEE Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (III) is to create and deploy Grid technologies to enable the widespread uptake of e-Science applications throughout the European Research Area.

ICES/KIS Virtual Lab (VLAM-G)
The Virtual Lab (an ICES/KIS 2 WTCW project) builds a collaborative analysis environment for applied experimental science. It was the first to build a user-oriented grid infrastructure in the Netherlands.

NCF Grid Investment Project
The National Computer Facilities Foundation (NCF) supports Grid development and deployment in the Netherlands through their "Grid investment Project". Project partners include SARA, NIKHEF and ASCI.

A Road Towards Industrial-grade Security for Grid.

Dynamic Authorisation for Grids, Groups and Resources. In this project (when approved) for four key concepts for interoperation are addressed: credential management, managing authorisation attributes, taking the authorisation decisions, and the enforcement thereof. A fifth task addresses the specifics of federating multiple 'ad-hoc' virtual organisations in order to give a user-centric view on the entire Grid.

The Virtual Laboratory for E-Science (VL-E)
The proposed VL-E project will develop the necessary knowledge for the E-Science infrastructure in the Netherlands.

Other projects
A multitude of other Grid and Grid-related projects exists world-wide. A list of references is provided for further browsing.

(*) DutchGrid and DutchGrid CA are operated as a courtesy service of NIKHEF by David Groep.