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EDG Development TB EDG Application TB (production) LCG Production Facility DAS-2 UvA (X# site) Replica Cats and VO directories By Hostname

Contact Information

The site administrators can be reached by e-mail at the address below:


User support and incident tracking for the NIKHEF test bed is provided by the DutchGrid Support Desk, reachable at:


Known limitations and problem list

Date Responsible Description
20031010 templon new development testbed established, running EDG 2.1 release candidates
20030917 templon installed SE-CLASSIC on tbn16, alias se02.nikhef.nl now points there
20030512 davidg All devtb hosts now have IPv6 access. DNS services will be added soon.

Installation/Configuration Information

NIKHEF operates both a development and an application testbed. On the development testbed, which is dedicated to EDG release testing and software development, we will run the latest tagged development version. Most worker nodes in the development testbed have outbound IPv4 connectivity only.

The NIKHEF application testbed will run the latest "production" release. At this time, that is release 2.1.9. The machines of the application test bed (also known as the NIKHEF production cluster) will be shared by other users (D0-MCC and local jobs). To support the sharing, the application testbed has some non-EDG features such as local user configuration, packages for our own user jobs, and extra management tools (i.e., more LCFG components). The worker nodes in the application test bed have outbound IPv4 connectivity only, no inbound connectivity.

NIKHEF-CORE Operation Information

Component Hostname Status Comments
File server hooimijt In operation NFS server for all test beds, dick cache

NIKHEF-01 (Development testbed) Operation Information

Install type: EDG-LCFGng
Release: latest 2.1 release candidate
Expriment Service: all

EDG Component Hostname Status Comments
Install server booder In operation LCFGng server and s/w repository
User Interface ui01.nikhef.nl (tbn02) Commissioning
Monitoring Node tbn02.nikhef.nl Commissioning combined with UI
Computing Element ce01.nikhef.nl (tbn01) Commissioning GIISs: Mds-Vo-name=nikhefdev,o=Grid; Mds-Vo-name=local,o=Grid
Storage Element/EDG-SE se01.nikhef.nl (tbn07) Commissioning
Worker Nodes tbn05 In Operation 1 nodes;
CPU capabilities: dual-PIII 1GHz
throughput DISK: 25 MByte/s
throughput NET: 100 Mbit/s

NIKHEF-02 (Application Test Bed/Production Farm) Operation Information

Install type: EDG-LCFGng
Release: EDG 2.1.8

EDG Component Hostname Status Comments
Install server tbn06 In operation LCFGng server and s/w repository
User Interface ui02.nikhef.nl (tbn08) In Operation also MON box and R-GMA GOUT
Computing Element ce02.nikhef.nl (tbn09) In Operation Also GRIS/GIIS "nikhefpro"
Storage Element se02.nikhef.nl (tbn16) In Operation SE-CLASSIC
Resource Broker boszwijn In Operation this entry is not updated
in real time
Network probe tbn04 unknown
Storage Element tbn03 In Operation WP5-SE
Replica Location Service tbn10 In Operation hosts Alice, Atlas, CMS, Dzero, and ITeam VOs
Worker Nodes node18-*.farmnet.nikhef.nl In Operation 8 nodes/16 CPUs;
CPU capabilities: dual-PIII 1GHz
throughput DISK: 25 MByte/s
throughput NET: 100 Mbit/s (IPv4 outbound via NAT)

NIKHEF-03 (LCG Production Facility) Operation Information

Install type: EDG-LCFGng
Experiment Service: expected starting January 1st, 2004

Service Component Hostname Status Comments

DAS2 UVA (CrossGrid test bed) Operation Information

Install type: manual
Release: EDG 2.0 RC
Expriment Service: none

EDG Component Hostname Status Comments
Computing Element ce2.das2.nikhef.nl Commissioning also MDS top/II "das2"
Computing Element cetest.das2.nikhef.nl foreseen in week 37 EDG 2.0
Storage Element se2.das2.nikhef.nl Commissioning EDG 2.0 R/C at t20030715_1100
fs2.das2.nikhef.nl In operation plain old Globus 2.2.4 only
node2xx.das2.nikhef.nl In operation 27 nodes available
node200.das2.nikhef.nl In operation VLAM-G RTS tests
node201.das2.nikhef.nl In operation VLAM-G Database server/VIMCO interface
node202.das2.nikhef.nl Commissioning Database node, 2x200GB disk
node203.das2.nikhef.nl Commissioning Database node, 2x200GB disk
node231.das2.nikhef.nl down re-assigned to CrossGrid CE tests

Directory Services

NIKHEF operates the following general-purpose directory services for test bed operation:
Service host and port comments
VO membership directories ldap://grid-vo.nikhef.nl:389
Alice, ATLAS, CMS, LHCb, BioMedical, EarthOb, Dzero, GDMPservers, BioASP/NL
DutchGrid subscriber and CA directory ldap://grid-vo.nikhef.nl:389
RootDN: /o=dutchgrid
Replica Catalogues (Application Test Bed) Alice: 10489
BioMedical: 10389
DZero: 10589
EarthOb: 10689
EDGTutorial: 10789
LHCb: 10889
generic URL is ldap://grid-vo.nikhef.nl:portno/rc=vonameReplicaCatalog,dc=eu-datagrid,dc=org
Replica Catalogues (Development Test Bed) All VO's: 12389
Replica Catalogues GSI tests ldaps://grid-vo.nikhef.nl:19011 with GSI security, depricated
Replica Location Service rls://rls-edgapptb.nikhef.nl:8080/xxx RMC and LRC services for the EDG Application Test Bed
VOs: Alice, Atlas, CMS, DZero, ITeam

Node function by name

Host name Alias(es) Test bed site Function(s) Owner(s) Comments
hooimijt * homedir NFS server, disk cache, poolaccs, gridmapdir
secondary DNS, slave user LDAP, NTP
Sysadm backup via ADSM
(/export/perm only
booder devtb LCFGng server Sysadm Note: new node type pizza0
tbn01 ce01 devtb davidg, jt
tbn02 ui01 devtb User Interface, R-GMA MON box davidg,jt
tbn03 se03 apptb Storage Element WP5-SE sysadm running
tbn04 apptb Network Monitoring
IPerf, UDPmon, EDG-pinger connectivity.
jt state unknown
tbn05 devtb worker node davidg running
tbn06 edgapptb LCFGng server: LCFG node status and node install. davidg running
tbn07 se01 devtb Storage Element davidg, jt
tbn08 ui02 apptb User Interface, MonBox, GOUT sysadm running
tbn09 ce02 apptb sysadm running
tbn10 apptb RLS davidg uses estel as SQL server
tbn11 a.k.a. "hok" DZero data (spare of schuur) davidg, a03 decommissioned
tbn12 apptb D0 S/W packaging davidg BASE-rpm and "/d0"
tbn13 LCMAPS test system martijn suspended, awaiting security patches
tbn14 apptb Oracle test box (UvA) davidg
tbn15 davidg reserved hostname
tbn16 se02 apptb Storage Element (SE-CLASSIC) templon running
node18-[1-10] apptb worker nodes sysadm 8 nodes
node16-[5-66] apptb NCF GFRC davidg 61 nodes
hoeve dzero a03
schuur dzero tond, a03
node1-[101-150] dzero a03, tond
boszwijn apptb Resource Broker sysadm central EDG resource broker
asen WP4 Gridification development system martijn Note: guestnet IP

General Comments

Related Information

You can visit the site's EDG-related web page for more information at http://www.nikhef.nl/grid/


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