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DutchGrid Support Desk

DutchGrid is mainly about sharing experience in setting up and administering Grid systems. It is also about promoting the use of inter-organizational or "Grid" computing, getting interested parties together and their users happy. Therefore, several volunteers within the DutchGrid participating organizations have joined forces in setting up a simple support system. If you are configuring your system, getting underway with the latest version of Globus for your intended audience, trying to use the Grid resources for something useful, etc., you may ask try to ask for help here.

A short disclaimer: the number of volunteers is small, and all of them have other pressing tasks as well. So, although you may ask for help, you have no guarantees that you will actually get any! If we know you personally, your chances of getting help are significantly increased. If you send apple pies, moorkoppen, or similar stuff, you are also likely to get more help :-) In any case, we'll try to do our best.

On this page, several useful links for "first-timers" and "hard-core gridders" are collected. Please have a look at the introductory pages, read through the FAQ list and any relevant manual pages. If you are convinced that you have a problem, and that this problem is uniquely related to Grid software, you can send your question to the support desk. If you have sudden problems, have a look at the current PR database as well by connecting anonymously to the DutchGrid Support Web, and the list of Current Problems.

  • The tracking system is also the preferred point-of-entrance for all problems related to the EDG test bed setup or classic-style farming at NIKHEF.
  • For general technical inquiries also consider the self-help mailing list at tech-discuss at dutchgrid.nl.
    This mailing list is for people to ask questions and give answers across the broad community of Grid users and admins in the Netherlands. Subscribe at https://mailman.nikhef.nl/cgi-bin/listinfo/dutchgrid-tech-discuss.
    Will launch in January 2004.

For specific help regarding the use of Grid or the ICES/KIS Virtual Laboratory at your organization, please see these specific pages:

NIKHEF for users for admins
Distributed ASCI Supercomputer for users for admins
UvA specific
UvA Informatics Institute for users
SARA Reken- en netwerk diensten for both users and admins

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