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Installing Globus

The following install bundles are available:
EDG release 1.4.2 User Interface release
This is an excerpt from the full EDG 1.4.2 release that is available from the EDG Test Bed web site. Install this software set if you want your desktop RedHat 6.2 system to act as a user interface for the EU DataGrid and if you want to access Globus-based grid services.
Configuration information is contained in the "CONFIG/" subdirectory. only install those RPMs that are listed in the file provided there!

EDG release 1.2.2 / Globus2
This is an excerpt from the full EDG 1.2.2 release version that is available from the EDG Test Bed web site. Install this version if you expect to join the grids for Virtual Laboratory, BioASP, FlexWork or DAS-2.

Globus 2.0-beta1 (EDG beta 21 release 1.1.4)
These RPMs are the core of the main EDG release 1.1.4. The Globus distribution is based on Globus 2.0 beta1, and is now getting slightly out-of-date. It is still the current version on DAS-2 (fs1-4).

GSI enhanced SSH and CVS
For these two products GSI authentication has been added. The RPMS distributed here are compatible with Globus 2.0-beta1 (EDG beta 21), but do not install correctly on the "release-23" base.

Globus version 1.1.x
See this page for details on installing Globus version 1.1.x (including the GridFTP alpha versions).

GetCerts Cert&CRL upgrading tool
A perl script that will take care of keeping your certificate directory up-to-date. Suitable for both Globus 1.1.x and 2.0.

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