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DutchGrid Support for Admin

Some documentation to get you started is available. The first choice you have to make when installing Grid services is the Globus Toolkit version. For fresh installs that do not have additional project contrains, we advice the Globus 2.0-EDG release.

The complete list of (support) e-mail addresses below. Please send your mail to the right address, depending on your question. The addresses are aliases to a number of back-end staff, and not every staff member has knowledge about all subjects ...

  • The use of Globus and EDG Grid tools
  • Problems with the use of Grid tools on DAS-2 and on the WCW
  • Account mapping requests for NIKHEF and the UvA DAS-2 cluster
  • Questions about installing Globus and EDG Globus on other systems in DutchGrid/at DutchGrid Platform participating sites
  • Requests for certification for Medium-security and DutchDemo
  • Questions about certification, and about the CP/CPS
  • Recovation requests and notifications of key compromise
  • Questions about this web site
  • About policy management for the Dutchgrid CA
  • About joining the DutchGrid Platform
  • The EDG testbed and Integration Effort (ITeam support)

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