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Multi-domain GIIS in 1.1.x
MDS response times


Some unofficial patches to Globus

problems solved release date references
Patches to pbj jobnamager submiscript to correctly handle multiple-node requests
contains new part to cottectly handle passing of environment to "multi" jobs in PBS (required for DUROC barrier synchronisation)
2002.05.03/2002.05.08 context diff/patch
a patch to the previous context diff/patch
Globus MPICH-G2
difference between Globus 1.1.3 and 1.1.4
2001.06.25 file list
context diff/patch
config.guess caching patch 2001.05.31 contact diff/patch
typo in CA_EMAIL address prevents successful configuration
in Security/gssapi_ssleay/grid-security.conf.in
2000.11.20 contact diff/patch
globus-gram-scheduler fails to report running jobs when -publish-jobs is specified, due to a inconsistent definition of struct direct in stdio.h and files included via globus_common.h, the d_name element in struct dirent is misaligned.
2001.05.15 move the inclusion of <stdio.h> in $INSTALL/ResourceManagement/gram/programs/reporter/globus_gram_scheduler.c four lines down, i.e. do not leave it at the top but put it below the line
#include "globus_gram_job_manager.h"

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