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Admin Support in DutchGrid

This support section is intended for systems administrators and grid-support staff at the participating institutions. In this area you will find useful scripts and patches, configuration information and links to software.

Installing Globus

Thanks to the Globus Packaging Effort for 2.0 and the EU DataGrid Project, installing Grid services becomes easier every day. Have a look at the installation repository overview for a list of installation options. Or see the install and configuration example for DAS-2.


DutchGrid is not a fixed organisation, but more like a loosely couples group of Grid enthousiasts that try to get things to "just work". As a research or education institution, you are most welcome to use the DutchGrid Security Infrastructure and CA (Certification Authority). You can also join a small group of "test bed" sites so that you can get the basic "Hello World" program to run and thus verify your setup. Follow the instructions here.

Due to scalability issues, you can no longer join the DutchGrid Information Index Service (the query time went up to about 10 minutes per query, which is kind-of useless).

The Security Infrastructure

According to EU DataGrid and DutchGrid CA subscriber and relying-party regulations, you are required to periodically refresh the "Certificate Revocation List" (CRL) issues by the DataGrid Certification Authorities. If you are running a Globus 1.1.3 setup, or a Globus-2.0 system without the EDG daemons, we suggest you run the following script out of cron daily on all machines affected (you can of coarse install the CA-certificates directory on a shared file system, in which case you run it on one machine only). See the GetCerts information pages for more details.


Most of the support is provided through the DutchGrid Support Desk and the FAQ list found there. Besides these lists, short writeups are available on the following topics:
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